MINOAS MK II High End Speakers


Dear lovers of Hi - End before you begin reading this informative ... o.k. ... let's be honest, this advertising, please sit back in your usual listening position, relax as if you were to listen to your favorite music and get ready to reply to yourself honesty to the following concerns ...

Before we start, a brief acquaintance is necessary.So, who are we? Some crazy Greeks that for the last 35 years somewhere between designingconventional speakers for commercial production we did ourhobby anddesigneda few unconventional!!!

Let's go now with our questions to find out what happens beyond the standard technical specifications of the ordinary speakers.

Have you ever wondered how can a person who is not related to the Hi - End easily recognize if the music being played comes out of a sound system or of a live band playing with physical instruments without microphones, amplifiers and loudspeakers?

Have you ever seen the big drum (boot) of the drums being in a box?

Have you ever wondered how canaso many inches leather film of a boot reproducea so quick and controlled bass that is breathtaking, when in the Hi End world any woofer bigger than 6.5 inches is considered slow?

Did you incidentally ever seen cymbals in drums with diameter of just one inch, such as the diameter of the tweeters of the most speakers?

Have you ever seen a piano with a crossover or a violin with an equalizer?

Do you know even one natural musical instrument that radiates sound with directivity?

Eventually these musicians are crazy!!! Their musical instruments are all to be thrown away ... or maybe not?

Having as our guide these thoughts we have led to the creation of the new Minoas. So, we removed all unnecessary staff as cabins, composite crossovers, equalization circuitry even the tweeters!!! What is left? Two 15'' woofers and one 8'' full range in an open baffle that just supports them and two components that share their sound spectrum. What did we win? We have achieved the ultimate goal of every speaker manufacturer ... to deceive our customers!!! … by giving them the feeling that what they hear is real live music!!!

Eliminating the cabins, along with them we disappeared the “boxiness” and the directiveness got lost, the bass became just like the original boot with absolute accuracy through huge surface cones simulating those of the real drums, i.e. no relation to the bass reflex speakers. Fast and relentless breathtaking just like the real boot. The body in middle-low gave pianos back their lost tail, middle finally reproduce the human voice in a way that we almost feel the breath of the artist and the cymbals are decompressed from one inch and took their physical dimensions. But what to do all these if monsterousamplifiers are required to support them?

Another problem of the big speakers that we were called to resolve and as you can imagine once again we have gone far beyond our target. So we built a pair of the most sensitive (ie efficient) speakers that are capable of delivering deafening levels with a really small amplifier and due to their large resistance (8-16Ω), they leave rested even the most delicate valve amplifier! Our minimalist concept as it was expected extended to the minimalcrossover of the only two components that we used to separate the audio spectrum between the two 15"and the one8" unit that offers a perfect flat spectral sequel of the previous ones.

Although considering of the above, means that any measurements are of minor importance, we cite them to expel any cloud of mistrust that may shade the view of High - End technocrats.

  • Type: Two-way, open-baffled floor standing electrodynamic
  • Loudspeakers: Woofers 2 x 380mm Wideband: 1 x 200mm
  • Power: 150W RMS / 300W Peak
  • Frequency Response: 30 Hz - 22 KHz (40 Hz -22 KHz / ± 2 db )
  • Sensitivity: 96 db / 2,83V / 1m *
  • Nominal Impedance: 10 ohms (16Ω / 380 Hz)
  • Dimensions: 1150 x 500 x 340 mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight net: 40 kg / piece

*What does this mean? Our speakers compared to an average 8Ω speaker driven at 100 Watt RMS with an average sensitivity of 86 db / 1W / 1m yields the same intensity driven by an amplifier of only 10,0W RMS!!!


Yes, we think the same thing… now is about time to reconnect your favorite valve amplifier that you thought that is was only capable for after midnight listenings.

Finally, we would like to point out that our speakers are handmade, so each pair of them is unique, which gives us the flexibility to produce, on request, the color and hue that you desire to harmonize them with your space.


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