Technical Specifications

Type : Floorstaning, 2.5 way, bass reflex loudspeaker
Drivers : Woofer : 2x170mm, Tweeter : 1x25mm
Power Handling : 180 WRMS
Frequency response : 36Hz – 25kHz
Sensitivity (2,83V/m :) 92 dB
Nominal Impedance :
Dimensions (HxWxD) {mm} : 1080x210x340
Weight (Kg) : 20

The new Status 8.4 is the latest edition of the flagship loudspeaker in the legendary STATUS series, which sets new standards of performance in its price category and well above for more than 15 years now. Firmly based on the long expertise and knowhow of the design team of Rois Acoustics, Status 8.4 reaches new levels of maturity in performance and value. It combines design innovations and quality of materials rarely found even in much more expensive loudspeakers and fully justifies their widespread acclaim as “budget hi-end”.

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Status 8.4 is a loudspeaker designed with meticulous attention to detail, hand crafted with soul (we Greeks call it “meraki”) and with a quality of materials, which greatly surpasses the standards of its price category. A loudspeaker, offering a sound with unparalleled naturalness and transparency, excellent tonal balance, rich musicality and thundering dynamics. It is your ticket to an utterly enjoyable musical experience!



The woofers of Status 8.4 have specially formulated polypropylene cone with excellent stiffness/weight ratio, which offers very low distortion, unique clarity and explosive speed. Their stiff and acoustically inert cast alloy basket forms the perfect foundation for the woofers to present all the dynamic variations of the music program, from the faintest breath to the ear-shattering explosions with breathtaking clarity and realism.

The custom designed tweeter features a metal alloy dome and an extra strong neodymium magnet, which ensure extremely low distortions. It is housed in a special, bullet-shaped chamber, made of solid wood and mounted on top of the speaker cabinet. This kind of external mounting keeps the tweeter mechanically isolated from the cabinet vibrations and also minimizes baffle diffractions. Thus, the tweeter approaches the ideal of a point source. Moreover, this mounting allows the precise time-alignment between tweeter and woofers, something that would be impossible in a conventional loudspeaker, where all drivers share the same baffle. The result of this baffle-less and precisely aligned mounting of the tweeter is a holographic stereo image with excellent focus and an unbelievable clarity in the reproduction of even the most delicate detail of the music program.


The enclosures of the new Status 8.4 are made from a combination of extremely hard and stiff 21mm-thick Russian birch plywood for the side and rear walls and 30mm-thick MDF for the front baffle. The multiple lateral braces further increase the strength and rigidity of the enclosures, minimizing the mechanical resonances, which affect the clarity of sound and blur the focus of stereo image. The special wooden feet with the (also wooden) conical spikes give the speaker a firm and resonance-free mounting and at the same time accentuate its slim and elegant shape.


The crossovers, following the design principles of the first Status loudspeakers, are first-order with absolutely minimal topology. Rois Acoustics engineers have long been strong advocates of the unique sonic benefits of such extremely demanding crossovers and pioneered their use in loudspeakers of this price category since 2000. Thanks to this minimal crossover and the precise time alignment of the drivers, the sound of Status 8.4 is characterized by remarkable integrity and coherence with a unique naturalness, flow and musicality and all these combined with an extended, three-dimensional sound stage with pin sharp focus.

The crossovers of Status 8.4 are made using audiophile-grade components (precision, hand wound air coils, plastic capacitors and non-inductive, metal oxide resistors). Especially the most critical series components are absolutely hi-end quality and sourced from the renowned German company Mundorf (extra high purity copper foil inductors for the woofers and aluminium/oil capacitors for the tweeter). Components of such quality are rarely found even in loudspeakers costing 3-4 times the price of Status 8.4


The enclosures of Status 8.4 are painted with excellent quality furniture paint and can be ordered in a practically limitless palette of colours (over 400) and three different surface finishes: light grain, satin and high gloss.