Center Speaker magnetically Shielded

The new Emphasis Center by Rois Acoustics is a center speaker specially designed for the faithful reproduction of dialoques. Together with Emphasis 314, with which it shares many design and sonic characteristics, they compose a home cinema system, setting new standards for price/performance ratio.

Technical Specifications

Type : Closed box design, 2 ways, 3 drivers
Drivers : Woofer: 2x140 mm with special paper cones. Tweeter: 1x25 mm metal alloy dome.
Nominal Impedance : 6 Οhm
Power Handling : 120 WRMS
Frequency response : 55 Hz - 25 kHz
Sensitivity : 91 dB/Wm
Finishing: Satin Black, High-gloss Piano Black
Dimensions (HxWxD) {mm} : 450x180x255 mm
Weight (Kg) : 7.1


Emphasis Center woofers feature non-resonant synthetic basket and cone made by specially treated paper, a meterial known for its most natural reproduction of midrange frequencies and especially of human voice. The tweeter with a metal alloy dome can render every micr detail of the music program with unbelievable clarity.

The new Emphasis Center cabinet, made of MDF with top-notch build quality and finish offer exceptional rigidity and contribute to the clarity and naturalness of the new Emphasis Center sound. With its satin black finish it can blend easily to any environment and its high-gloss piano black finish gives a sense of luxury, unprecedented for its price.

Τhe Emphasis Center crossover, with its first-order design, carefully tuned and built with high grade materials offers a sound of unparalleled naturalness and musicality, transforming every audition into a unique experience!

Additionally, the new Emphasis Center sets new standards of usability. Thanks to its easy load (6 Ω) and its high sensitivity (91db/W/m), it can match perfectly with any amplifier. Moreover, its special design allows it to unfold its musical virtues even in “unfriendly” listening environments.