Technical Specifications

Type : Floorstaning, 3 way, bass reflex loudspeaker
Drivers : Woofer: 2x140mm, Mid: 1x140mm, Tweeter : 1x25mm
Power Handling : 140 WRMS
Frequency response : 39Hz – 25kHz
Sensitivity (2,83V/m :) 90 dB
Nominal Impedance :
Dimensions (HxWxD) {mm} : 1030x185x240
Weight (Kg) : 12

This compact and slender floor standing speaker is real allrounder, combining a series of technological innovations that set it apart in its category.

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With its slim and elegant form, Empasis 314 will feel at home in every room. The slight backward slope gives the speaker a more “relaxed” and “friendly” looks. It is also beneficial for the sound, as it helps time align the drivers on the front baffle and, in conjunction with the minimalist, first-order crossover (a long time favourite of Rois Acoustics engineers), results in a sound with exceptional time and phase coherence, pin sharp imaging and breathtaking realism.

The placement of the woofers near the bottom of the speaker and very close to the floor follows the principle of Half Space Bass radiator (HSBR©). The advantage of this design is the use of the floor as a bass mirror, resulting in increased bass level and less dependency to room placement.

The “heart” of Emphasis 314 is its midrange driver. Featuring a cone made with Kevlar and other synthetic fibers with a special resonance damping coating, a phase plug and a chassis made of non-resonant polymer, this midrange handles the all-critical 200-3000Hz band with impeccable accuracy, musicality and realism. Moreover, Rois Acoustics engineers have used a special type of loading, which we name Zero Reflex Loading (ZRL©) which offers some unique sonic advantages. The midrange unit is mounted in a cylindrical chamber,r wich is open in the rear and filled with a special material (based on sheep’s wool) with very high and broad spectrum sound absorption.

In a conventional midrange loading, a separate close chamber is used in order to isolate the mid from woofer radiation inside the cabinets. However, this chamber cause trouble as the mid’s rear radiation is multiply reflected inside the chamber. Thus, a large part of this sound is reflected back to the listener through the midrange cone and causes timbral and spectral distortions, blurring the stereo image. Moreover, the sound trapped inside the chamber causes resonances, seriously colouring the sound of the midrange unit.

In ZRL© mounting, used in Emphasis 314, the midrange unit operates completely free and unrestricted from any mechanical limitation that a closed chamber would impose. The mid’s rear sound is almost completely absorbed and only a minor part of it comes out of the back of the speaker without causing any sonic problem. The result is a midrange band which “flows” full of naturalness, immediacy, transparency and tonal accuracy and literally put the listener inside the real musical event.

The tweeter with neodymium magnet and special metal alloy dome offers linear response beyond 25 kHz with excellent dispersion, conveying all the atmosphere, ambience and magic of live music to the listener.