Rois Acoustics is a Greek company, specializing in the design and production of high quality loudspeakers . Although the company was recently founded, the people behind it have a 35-year-long experience and design knowhow in the area of loudspeakers.

It was back in 1978, when a small group of people, motivated by their love and passion for music, started research for the development of high quality loudspeakers. They founded the company Roister which, based on advanced scientific and laboratory resources, quickly became the biggest and most respected Greek loudspeaker company.

In 2012, these same people, who led Roister to the top of the Greek market, left the company and founded Rois Acoustics, attempting a fresh start and now targeting the international market. So, they brought to the new company not only their long experience and knowhow but also their core philosophy, which is the development of products with outstanding price/performance ratio through constant scientific research, technological innovation and the use of the most advanced methods and resources for design, production and quality control.

For Rois Acoustics, the sonic quality of each of its products is reflected on its ability to faithfully recreate the atmosphere and emotion of a musical event is the listening room. Concepts such as naturalness, musicality, clarity and liveliness are not simply elements of the sonic identity but are inherent characteristics which reflect the way each Rois Acoustics loudspeaker has been designed and produced.